If you’re looking to play killer sudoku online, this fairspin bonus article will give you some tips. The basic rules to play killer sudoku include 9×9 grids, Prefilled numbers, and Solving it in single player mode. But if you don’t have a computer and are not sure where to find killer sudoku, you can always download the app for your device. If you don’t like the timer, you can always hide it to complete the puzzle in the fastest time possible.

Daily killer sudoku

When you’re looking for a new game to play, you should look into Daily Killer Sudoku. This puzzle game has a grid with numbers 1-9 in it, and you have to line up each number within the cage to make the total sum. No one number can appear more than once in the same cage. You can play this game online in your browser for free, and you can get the latest daily killer sudoku puzzles each day.

9×9 grid

If you are a fan of puzzle games, you will love killer sudoku. It is a great way to challenge yourself and your brain. Sudoku is a simple game where you must solve puzzles by filling in empty cells with numbers. There are five levels of difficulty and many options to choose from. You can play solo or compete with friends. There are also thousands of puzzles and trophies to earn. You can also use the auto-check to ensure you don’t make a mistake. The game also includes an eraser, highlight, and delete function.

Prefilled numbers

The basic rules for solving killer sudoku can be derived from the definition of the game. No single region may contain duplicate digits and each digit must appear exactly once. The same is true of cages: the same digit cannot appear more than once. As such, solving killer sudoku requires elimination. You may begin by making notes of possible numbers and erasing them as you solve more squares. Avoid focusing on one square for too long.

Solving it in single player mode

One of the most challenging aspects of Killer Sudoku is the ‘cage’. These are small groups of cells in a row or column that must be filled in with numbers in order to solve the puzzle. The dotted lines indicate these cages and the sum of the numbers must equal the number in the upper-left corner of the grid. In addition, the numbers cannot repeat within the same cage, making it essential to pay attention to the’sum rule’ to solve the puzzle.


If you have a penchant for logical puzzles, you might have heard of the game Killer Sudoku. This puzzle has the same basic rules as a normal Sudoku, except that it has an extra rule: each cell must contain a unique digit. The sum of all cells in a three-cell cage must be 45. The cages are arranged in rows and columns, and the cells are enclosed within a region.