From fairytale-esque structures to tasty food and friendly people, the Baltics are becoming increasingly popular as being a destination for travelling. This can be no surprise, seeing that the three expresses that make up this spectacular region of Europe are a true jewel.

Linea, Estonia and Lithuania are beautiful cities that present a mix of historical properties and modern day amenities. It’s not hard to see for what reason these Baltic capitals are getting to be popular just for travellers looking for a loving break or perhaps a little fun with friends.

Tallinn, Estonia is one of the many sought after areas in the Baltics, a place where the middle ages and the technologically advanced add up seamlessly. The UNESCO-protected Old Area is a must find out, with its rounded watchtowers and soaring brick walls.

Latvia is another great alternative for that romantic visit to the Baltics, combining beautiful art neuf architecture with the busy city centre. The capital is definitely lithuanian girl for marriage a delightful, colourful place to spend time and is also also known due to its cafe culture.

Kaunas, Lithuania is another interesting destination for a charming holiday in the Baltics. The other largest city in the area and a cultural hotspot, Kaunas is an excellent place to start your vacation. With its diverse history, a beautiful old port and battles, it’s a specific destination to visit for your traveller.

Haapsalu, Estonia is another well-known destination in the Baltics, an area that sucks in tourists due to its spa customs. This bch town is additionally home to a castle and interesting museums.